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Here is the preliminary idea that I have for the sequel.

I had originally planned on the story centering around Sean-Paul’s wife and children being murdered by Lanisha and for the tragedy to bring Sean-Paul and Taylor back together.

Now my idea is for Sean-Paul to be torn between his wife Victoria and his ex-girlfriend Taylor who will be established to have broken up with her girlfriend Angelica. (In chapter five of From Manhattan to Munich, I established that Taylor stated that Angelica was 100% lesbian, but the chemistry between Angelica and Sean-Paul indicated that she was bisexual.) I have already established in previous stories that Sean-Paul has children with both Victoria, and Sean-Paul had gotten Taylor pregnant.

The story will be set four years after Keep Manhattan, Just Give Me That Countryside.

Central to the plot will be a murder mystery involving Sean-Paul’s ex-lover Lanisha LaPraix.

I will also be writing extra chapters to Kansas City, Here I Come.

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