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A couple hours after the ordeal I can not believe what had just happened. I just cheated on my wife with a girl, probably no older than 20 years. I just licked her pussy and gave her better oral sex than I’ve ever given my wife. I can’t believe myself. But she came onto me right? My mind is such a mess, and I still have such a raging boner and such a load to blow. I think dirty thoughts about sexy little Grace as I move my hand toward my erection.

I stop and wonder if she has some kind of social networking site where I can look at her pictures. I look at Todd’s page to his friends list and sure enough find Grace Marie Anderson’s personal page. I click on it and scroll through her pictures feeling like a disgusting old man as I realize that she turned 18 two weeks ago and just graduated high school. But my jaw drops as I look at her “modeling pictures” of her in bikinis and short shorts pushing out her tiny B cup breasts and smiling seductively. Who would let their underage daughter post such racy photos? I immediately stop thinking like a father and start touching my raging cock. Looking at all her pictures I rapidly stroke myself and it doesn’t take much for me to blow all over my hands.

  I picked the kids up from daycare around 5 and notify them that tomorrow will be their last day as we got a permanent babysitter. I felt like they all knew what I had done by the way I sweated bullets from my brow talking about her. I packed up the kids and stopped to pick up a pizza for them to eat. Once home I called Lisa at work. She sounded thrilled to hear from me. 

“Did you get the kids?” she asks sternly and annoyed.

“Yes dear.”

“Don’t forget to give Jeremy his meds and make sure they’re in bed by 8 Mark. I mean it.”

“Okay hun. love you.”

She hangs up without another word.

As it gets later I get the kids ready for bed and there is a ring at the doorbell. I’m holding my youngest son Cody as I answer the door and am shocked to find Grace standing at my door. I’m speechless.

“Hi Mark.” she smiles. “I thought Todd texted you? Um, I was gonna come over and meet the kids.”

“yeah? Yeah! That sounds great! Yeah come on in Grace. Sorry I haven’t had time to check my phone. My wife is working and its just me with the kids…alone.” I hinted. “I was just getting ready to put them to bed.”

Grace baby talks to the boys and has my little girl show her her toys and after 5 minutes they all love her. She helps me put them to bed and as the last door is closed I find that we are both standing in the hallway alone.

“Thanks for doing that.” I cough.

“Yeah, figured I’d like to meet them before I spend so much time with them.” she smiles. She comes in close and rests her head on my chest.

I back away from her. “Grace,” I sigh. “I can not do this. You’re a child and I’m a married man.”

“I’m 18 though.” she protests.

“Yeah, you turned 18 two weeks ago! You’re still a girl to me. I’m 32!”

She looks at me suspiciously “How did you know my birthday was two weeks ago?”

“I uh..I was looking at your…uh” I stuttered.

“Haha you were cyber stalking me! That’s so cute!” she laughs at me.

“That’s beside the point Grace. I am not a man who cheats on his wife okay? You can be our baby sitter but I can’t…its just not gonna happen.”


“I just told you. I’m not gonna cheat on my wife.”

She makes the cutest pout face I’ve ever seen. “Okay.” She says.

“okay,” I nod.

We both stand there in silence and I think back to opening up her legs and licking her little cunt, lapping up all her juicy cum as I look at her. I’m getting hard as I recall the noise she made when she climaxed. I’m such an awful person. I lose control again and dart in to kiss her again. I give up on holding myself back and press my lips into hers, and she wastes no time in kissing me back.

She strips off all of her clothes and drops to her knees pulling my gym shorts down and revealing my enormous hard on. She gasps and takes it in her hand stroking it up and down. I could have blown right there had I not cleared my pipes earlier today thinking of her. Its been so long since someone other than myself has touched my member. 

She held my throbbing meat in her hand and kissed the massive head then slid it down her throat. How is she this good? So young. Her mouth wrapped tightly around my cock she started to bob up and down on it trying to get it all in. She moaned and hummed against it gurgling and gagging it back into ther throat. I couldn’t help but lay my head back and touch her head as she choked it down. I wanted so desperately to blow my load but I wanted to fuck her. 

“Stand up.” I whispered.

She released my aching cock and stood up to face me. I took her hand  and guided her into my bedroom where we had done our naughty deed earlier today. She laid herself onto my bed and spread her legs wide, revealing her soaked little snatch. I smirked at the thought of penetrating her. I picked up her dainty ankles and threw her legs over my shoulders. I took my throbbing mushroom tip and slowly slid it deep inside of her. She was incredibly tight, so tight that she screamed and gushed cum when I got balls deep into her with the first stroke. 

She panted and sweat was dribbling down her face and body and she had a content look of ecstasy. “I’m not finished with you.” I growled as I thrusted  myself inside of her again and again. She was moaning and moaning like a cat in heat crying and gripping the sheets. I was in such heavenly bliss being inside of her and hearing her moan. I couldn’t last much longer, and her body was convulsing with every orgasm the shocked through her. With one last passionate thrust I came so hard inside of her I just about passed out. I had to fall on top of her and pant to catch my breath. Her body was twitching and she heaved her chest up and down to breathe.

I pulled out of her little cunt and a gush of cum from me and her dripped out of her. I stood up at the side of the bed still breathing heavily and looking at her naked body. She opened her eyes and sat up smiling at me a look of bliss and satisfaction. She once more wrapped her tongue around my huge cock and licked off the glistening cum from both of us. I moaned with pleasure. This girl isn’t real. The things she does.

She looks up at me and smiles. “I should go now shouldn’t I?”

I nod yes then shake my head no and lift her to stand up and kiss me. “What are you doing tomorrow?” I breathe into her mouth.


“Come to my office please. I need to see you again.” I beg.

“Anything Mark.” she whispers.

I dress myself and pull one of my business cards from my wallet. “Make an appointment with my secretary for tomorrow.” I hand it to her.

She takes it and gathers her clothes up to get dressed but again I make her lay down and spread her legs for me. I give her little pussy a few good licks with the flat of my tongue and start finger fucking her. She moans and shakes around my hand and it doesn’t take much for her to cum again all over me. “You’re sensitive.” I comment licking her juice from my fingers, savoring her sweet flavor.

She smiles and pulls my hand to her face and sucks her own cum off of my fingers licking them clean. My mouth drops to the floor as she smiles at me and proceeds to dress herself.

“See you tomorrow Mark.”

chat sex

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