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It was a day of remembrance. Ten years ago, I witnessed the horror of 9/11 with my very own eyes. I stood overlooking the WTC memorial at Ground Zero as a lone person at a microphone read the long list of the victims who died on that day. I’m not a very emotional person, but when they read Gregory’s name, a wave of sadness ran through me.

I founded a tech company named XC Systems three months before that fateful day. Gregory, my best friend Steven, and I had known each other since high school. We graduated from the same high school in 1991, and four years later we graduated with honors from Dartmouth. We were very ambitious even in those days. We even had our fair share of girlfriends back in the day. Shortly after we graduated from Dartmouth, we began our own small business where we wrote software. We did everything on shoestring budgets, and within three years we were millionaires. We eventually made enough money to where we could afford to expand our operations, including renting office space on the sixteenth floor of WTC 1 three months before the world changed forever.

While I was lost in my memories of my dearly departed friend, I felt somebody pat me on the back. I turned around and saw my friend Steven. “Hard to believe it’s been ten years,” I calmly stated.

“I know, buddy,” Steven replied. “It seems like last week that we were drinking with Gregory at our favorite pub.” After the memorial ceremony, Steven and I went to the pub and ordered scotch on the rocks. Steven raised his glass and stated, “This is for you, Greg.” I raised my glass, and we toasted our friend, an annual tradition we started one year after 9/11. “You’d be a billionaire now.”

“He sure would,” I said. 9/11 almost put us in financial ruin, but we restructured our operations by temporarily relocating to a shared apartment in Central Park where I still reside. We worked our asses off, and the hard work resulted in more money. Eventually, we rebounded to a point where we could afford a proper office in Queens. I picked up today’s issue of the New York Times and was immediately drawn to a pretty sensationalistic headline:


“Hey Sean-Paul, did you hear about that attorney who killed himself,” Steven asked.

“I’m reading about it right now,” I replied. I glanced through the article and noticed a familiar name: Lanisha LaPraix-Hastings. Lanisha was my former secretary. She was the first employee we hired when we relocated our business to Queens. She was a sweet person, but for some reason she seemed sad and distant. Eventually, she left our company to get her master’s degree in journalism at Duke. “Holy shit,” I said, “he was married to Lanisha.”

“Our old secretary?” Steven asked.

“Yup,” I replied. I hadn’t seen Lanisha in almost six years. She was a very beautiful black woman. We began a brief relationship not long after she was hired and even had sex a few times, but she ended the relationship when she left for Duke where she met Hastings. I felt sad for her. Then I looked at my watch. Oh shit, I had a plane to catch in thirty minutes. “Dude, I got to take my flight to Kansas City.” I had been paid a hefty sum by a college in Kansas City, Missouri to give a lecture to some computer classes for six months. “Thank God I’m already packed and my suitcase is in your car,” I said with a laugh.

Steven laughed in return. Then he spoke in a serious voice. “Aren’t you a little uneasy about flying today?”

“Somewhat,” I replied. Truth is, I was deathly afraid of air travel for several years after 9/11. My fears have since eased over the years, but still yet, there was a part of me that was worried something would happen on my flight. “Anyway, let’s go before I miss my flight.” We left for La Guardia. After we arrived at La Guardia, we went to Starbucks and grabbed some coffee, then I went through security and boarded my flight.

The flight to Kansas City was pretty much standard fare for me: Obviously-overworked flight attendants, obnoxious passengers under the influence of alcohol, and a kid throwing a tantrum and kicking the back of my seat.It never fails. Every time I fly on an airplane, I always have to sit in front of a kid throwing a tantrum and kicking the back of my seat. I got up and looked at the kid. “Hey kid, if I give you $ 100, will you stop kicking my seat?”

The kid’s eyes widened in surprise. “Sure, Mister!” I gave the kid a Benjamin.

“Now if you start kicking my seat again, I’ll take that away from you,” I said with a grin on my face. Needless to say, the kid didn’t kick the back of my seat for the rest of the flight. Two hours later, the plane finally arrived in Kansas City. I went to the car rental service and rented a car and drove to a Hampton Inn five minutes away and checked in to a hotel room. After I got situated, I took a shower, changed clothes, and drove to the college.

I was amazed at the size of the campus. I was met by the college dean who escorted me to the college computer building. I noticed there had to have been well over a hundred college students waiting to listen to the history of computer operating systems. While entering the door into the lecture hall, I bumped into a very short girl. She looked like she was about 4’10”. She turned around, and our gazes met. My God, she was beautiful. Then she smiled at me. Sweet Jesus, she had the sexiest smile I have ever seen in my life. I could feel my cock starting to stir in my slacks. I smiled back. She walked away, and I was given a perfect view of her sexy bubble butt in her tight skinny jeans. My cock began to harden as I stared at her sexy ass as she walked. I regained my composure and made my way to a podium situated up front.

For well over two hours, I gave a very detailed lecture on the history of computer operating systems. I began the lecture with the history of UNIX, followed by the history of MS-DOS, the Macintosh OS, Microsoft Windows, Amiga OS, Atari’s TOS, and last but not least, GNU/Linux which was my favorite OS and the basis of a new operating system Steven and I were currently developing. It amazed me how many of these students were familiar with operating systems such as Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, and even BSD. I finished the lecture by pointing out that if they were to ever come to New York City, they should seek employment with my company.

After I finished the lecture, the professor left, and the students filed out. However, one student remained. It was the girl I bumped into earlier. I looked at her and noticed that she was staring at me. “So what’s your favorite operating system,” I asked her. She just sat there staring at me with a sexy smile. Once again, I felt my cock stirring in my slacks. I walked over to her and sat beside her. “Helloooo,” I said with sarcasm in my voice.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she finally spoke. “I really like Ubuntu,” she said. I smiled at her choice of operating system. “God you’re so fucking hot,” she said.

“So are you,” I replied. Then I felt her hand on my thigh, and my cock shot to full hardness instantly. I knew I shouldn’t be letting a college girl – who’s probably young enough to be my daughter – getting me worked up in this way, but I couldn’t help it. She was gorgeous. Her smile was VERY beautiful. My right hand reached for her face and began gently caressing her left cheek. Then I lowered my head to hers. I gently lifted her chin with my fingers, and then our lips met.

“Ohhhh,” the girl moaned into my mouth as our tongues intertwined with each other. We deeply kissed for well over a minute. Her hand slipped down and gently squeezed my fully-erect cock through my slacks. It was maddening torture, and it took all my might to keep from cumming in my underwear. Then she broke the kiss. “I’m Taylor O’Hare,” she said.

“I’m Sean-Paul DeCraig,” I replied. Then we kissed harder and deeper, but when we heard what sounded like a door opening, we broke the kiss. “Let’s go to my hotel,” I said.

“Okay,” Taylor replied. We left the building, got in my car, and I drove us to the Hampton Inn. Once we arrived, we went to my hotel suite, and once we entered the suite, I lifted Taylor in my arms. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and then she threw her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. I pinned her against the door, and we kissed hungrily as if it was our last meal. We were lost in our passion, but then we heard a phone ring. It was coming from her purse. “Dammit,” she said.

“It’s okay,” I whispered into her mouth. She got the phone out and looked at the caller ID.

“Shit it’s my aunt Mindy,” she said. “I have to answer it.” She opened the phone. “Hello? Yes aunt Mindy. No, I’m gonna stay here for a while and do some extra studying. No I’m sure. Yes. Yes I’ll call. Lisa’s here, too, so she can give me a ride home. Okay. Love you, too. Bye!” She hung up the phone. “Now where were we?”

“Right here,” I replied. I pulled her head to mine, and we were once again lost in our passion as we deeply kissed. My cock was straining in my slacks. I had to get my rocks off soon. With Taylor’s limbs wrapped around my body, I walked us to the bedroom, and then I laid her down on the bed. My lips left her lips, and I slowly kissed and licked my way down her chin and her throat. I slipped my hands underneath her pink t-shirt and slowly dragged my fingernails up her taut stomach until I reached her breasts. I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. Then my right index finger made contact with her erect left nipple.

“AAAHHH!” Taylor cried out and arched her back at the sensation. Wow. Of all the women I’ve ever been with, I’ve never encountered one with such sensitive nipples. Then all of a sudden she removed her shirt, and then she was nude from the waist up. I noticed that her breasts were small enough to where she barely qualified as an A-cup. But then I noticed her erect nipples. For a girl who had tiny breasts, her nipples were rather large, the size of pencil erasers. I teasingly flicked the nipple again. “AH! AH! AH!” Taylor cried out as her nervous system was becoming overwhelmed with pleasure. I wondered if she could cum just from nipple stimulation. Then I seized both erect nipples between my fingers, and then I pinched then between index finger and thumb. And then she came. “AH! AH! AHH! AHH! AAAHHHHIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!” I noticed a wet spot growing exponentially at the crotch of her skinny jeans.

After Taylor came down from her orgasm, I brought my lips down to hers, and we kissed lightly for about half a minute, then once again I kissed and licked my way down her throat until my lips reached her breasts. I planted a gentle kiss on her erect left nipple. “AAIE!” Taylor cried out as I once again began to stimulate her already-overstimulated nipples. Then my tongue flicked out to tease the erect nub. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” And then I seized the nipple between my neeth and gently bit down. “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Taylor cried out, arched her back, and spasmed violently as yet another nipple-induced orgasm washed over her. The wet spot on the crotch of her jeans spread out even more, and I could smell her arousal. 

I undid the snap of her skinny jeans and worked them down along with her panties. I was offered a view of the most beautiful cunt I had ever seen. It was completely shaven and soaked with her feminine fluids. I brought my head within inches of her wet snatch. Her clitoris was fully erect, flushed with blood and standing up proud. I inhaled the sweet scent of her steaming pussy. It was heavenly. It was the best smelling cunt I have ever smelled. I had to taste it.

“AAH!” Taylor moaned as I swiped my tongue from her perineum all the way up her slit. My God, she tasted delicious; sweet like honey with just a hint of saltiness. I shoved my tongue into her slit, probing deep until my tongue could probe no deeper. I pulled my tongue out, only to slip two fingers in her tight cunt. “YIII!” Taylor cried out at the unexpected penetration. My fingers began stimulating her hot insides, wetting my fingers with her juices. And then I stared at her erect clit. It was begging to be touched – or licked or sucked. I gently blew on the erect nub and was amazed to see it pulse and throb. Then I went in for the kill.

I pulled my fingers out of her snatch and probed for the wrinkled star of her anus. My index finger coated her asshole with her cunt juices. I massaged the sphincter, and when I felt her anus expand, I pushed the fingertip inside. “YAARGH!” Taylor groaned as my finger was slowly absorbed into her back passage. I slowly plunged my finger in and out of her ass. Then I pulled my finger out only to plunge both wet fingers in her ass. “AHH!” Taylor moaned as I rotated my fingers in her ass, stretching her anus out. I began finger-fucking her ass faster and faster. Then I delibrately flicked my tongue against her erect clit. “AHH! AHH! AHH!” Taylor cried out sharply as the dual stimulation was driving her to a third orgasm. And then I seized her button between my teeth and gently bit down. “AAAAAAOOOOWWWEEEEEE!” Taylor squinted her eyes shut, threw her head back, arched her back, and trembled violently as yet another orgasm swept her away. Her juices flowed out, and I eagerly lapped up her sweet, tangy nectar. 

After a minute, she came down from her peak. I couldn’t stand it anymore. My cock was leaking pre-cum like a fountain, and it was so huge and swollen that it felt like it threatened to blow apart from the seams. I quickly stripped out of my clothes, and then Taylor’s eyes widened in surprise as my cock was finally revealed to her.

“WOW!” Taylor shouted in surprise as she saw my ten-inch erection. “Oh my God, your cock is huge!”

“Do you want it inside you?” I asked her.

“Does a bear shit in the woods?” She replied. We both laughed. I laid down with her, and we began kissing deeply. I brought my wet cock to her steaming cunt, and she moaned as we began hunching our genitals against each other. Then Taylor broke the kiss. “Wait a minute. I’ll be right back.” She got up and went to the bathroom. Nature calls, I guess. But after half a minute, she came back with something in her hand. It was a shampoo bottle.

“What’s with the shampoo bottle? I asked.

“I have a shampoo bottle fetish,” she replied. “I like to fuck myself with shampoo bottles. One time, I fucked myself with two shampoo bottles, one in each hole. God, those orgasms were fucking amazing.” Then she plopped on the bed and shoved the shampoo bottle in her cunt and began fucking herself with the shampoo bottle. “AHH! AHH! AHH!” Then she stopped pumping. “But I’ve never had a cock before. I need your cock inside me.” She held the shampoo bottle up. “Put this in my ass.”

Holy fuck. This was hot. I took the shampoo bottle in my hand and began massaging the tip against her stretched anus. And then I shoved it in. “AAARRGGHHHHIIEEEEEEEEE!” Taylor cried out as the unexpected anal penetration brought her to a fourth orgasm. Her fists beat against the mattress as spasm after glorious spasm tore through her. I couldn’t wait any longer. I lined the crown of my cock against her slit. I didn’t even give her time to come down from her orgasm as I shoved myself in. “AAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!” Taylor cried out as her orgasm was interrupted by a stronger orgasm. My God, I’ve never known any woman who cums so quickly, so often, and so powerfully. It was as if she were a living orgasm machine.

I began pushing my cock in and out of her soaking wet vagina. I was getting exhausted. Without disengaging our genitals, I maneuvered ourselves until she was on top of me in the cowgirl position. Taylor rode my cock like a pro, bouncing wildly as she relished the feeling of a cock inside her for the first time. My right hand continued to work the shampoo bottle in and out of her ass. My left hand began teasing her erect right nipple and when I pinched it, she came once again. “YIIIIIEEEEEE!” Taylor cried out as the sixth orgasm of our lovemaking swept over her. The feel of her cunt ripping all over the length of my cock was maddening torture; how I avoided to cum was beyond me.

Then I decided it was time to bring this to a satisfying climax for both of us. “Take the shampoo bottle in your hand and fuck yourself with it.” Taylor’s hands reached around her and grabbed the shampoo bottle. As she began fucking her own ass with the makeshift dildo, I once again seized her erect right nipple with my left thumb and index finger, and I seized her erect clitoris with my right thumb and index finger. And then I pinched both at the same time…HARD.

“EEEEEEEEEEOOOOOAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII!” Taylor screamed as the vaginal stimulation, anal stimulation, clitoral stimulation, and nipple stimulation all combined into a cataclysmic orgasm of ginormous proportions. Her entire body trembled violently as her body was wracked from head to toe with spasm after spasm after spasm. Her juices shot out like a fountain, arching high in the air and drenching me in her sweet, tangy, aromatic essence.

The glorious feeling of her cunt spasming and contracting hard on my cock, the sweet taste and heavenly smell of her girl-cum, the entire situation was too much for me. I felt my testes drawing tight against my body, and then I shot. “AAAAURGH!” I howled as I spurted shot after shot of cum deep in Taylor’s cunt. A pearly froth of our mingled juices squelched out around my cock, matting my pubes and trickling down until it pooled on the bedspread. We collapsed on the bed in a loving embrace and gently kissed until we fell asleep.

We woke up three hours later underneath the bed covers. I wrapped my arms around Taylor, and we gently kissed again. My hand slipped down to her cunt and began stroking her tender girlflesh. Then I felt her hand wrap around my hardening cock. When my cock reached full hardness, I positioned ourselves so that I could fuck her once again, but then Taylor got up. “Oh shit, I forgot to call mom,” she said.

“Go ahead and call her,” I said.

Taylor opened her phone and dialed. “Hey mom, it’s me Tay. Yeah I’m getting ready to come home. No Lisa already left, so one of the professors offered to take me home. Yeah he’s pretty cool! Okay. Okay you can meet him. Okay, bye!” Taylor hung up. “I need to get home.”

“Okay,” I said. We got up, got dressed, got in the car, and I drove her home. Ten minutes later, we arrived at her house. It was on a cul-de-sac. We got out of the car, and we were met by two older-looking women. One was about Taylor’s height, and the other was about six inches taller.

“Hello,” said the shorter woman. “I’m Terri, Taylor’s mom.”

“I’m Sean-Paul DeCraig, your daughter’s professor,” I replied. I extended my hand out to Terri, and we shook hands. “Your daughter is quite intelligent and will be a success in the tech industry.”

“Thank you, Sean-Paul,” Terri said. Terri looked at the taller woman. “This is Taylor’s aunt Mindy. She’s my sister-in-law. My husband, her brother, died when Taylor was two.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said. “Mindy, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” I extended my hand to Mindy. She did nothing. I pulled my hand back. “Okay. Well Taylor, I’ll see you in class tomorrow. Good night.”

“Good night, Sean-Paul,” Taylor and Terri said in unison. Then they walked to the front door and entered their house.

“Well Mindy, I must be going,” I said. I went to get in my car, but then I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Is there something you want to say, Mindy?”

“Yes there is,” Mindy said. “Taylor’s just seventeen.”


I looked out the window in my office at KCU and admired the scenery. After a couple weeks of torrential rain and severe thunderstorms, the weather had cleared up. The bright, clear blue sky was a welcome relief from seeing nothing but dark clouds. College students were bustling from classes to other classes, from classes to dorm, and from dorms to classes. It brought back memories of my education at Dartmouth where I excelled at academics as well as baseball. Before becoming a businessman, I had planned on sticking with baseball in hopes of being drafted to the major leagues and playing for the Yankees. Unfortunately, a freak accident which severely injured my knee put my baseball dreams to rest. Thank God I had business to fall back onto.

I had just finished grading exams taken during my computer sclence classes. Some of my students had some difficulty, while most had a general understanding of the material presented during the classes. Only a select few truly understood the material and have far exceeded my expectations. One of those select few was Taylor. She was truly gifted in computer science. I knew she would have a great career ahead of her. And in a way, her excellent aptitude made me feel less guilty for being in a relationship with her.

I was curious as to how business was progressing at XC Systems. I picked up the phone and decided to call Steven. After about three rings, I heard somebody pick up the phone. “Thank you for calling XC Systems,” said a female voice.

“Hello Cheryl,” I said. “It’s Sean-Paul. Can you put me through to Steven, please?”

“Of course, Mr. DeCraig,” she replied. She put me on hold. I swear we need to change our hold music. I absolutely cannot stand that Celine Dion song “My Heart Will Go On.” After a couple minutes, I heard the phone pick up. “Hey Sean-Paul,” said Steven.

“Hey buddy,” I replied.

“So how is the teaching thing,” he asked.

“Not too bad,” I said. “We have some bright minds here. Some of them here such an amazing aptitude for the industry that they would be great workers for our company. And a few of them would be great to help run the software development division, especially Taylor.”

“Already got a teacher’s pet, eh” asked Steven in a sarcastic way. “Dude you are such a hopeless romantic. At least she’s taking your mind off Lanisha.”

“Yeah,” I said. I hadn’t dated or been intimate with a woman since Lanisha broke up with me over the phone to inform me she met Lawrence Hastings and fell in love with him. I was deeply in love with Lanisha, and being dumped in that way broke my heart. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. I looked through the glass. It was Taylor. “Listen, Taylor’s here. I’ll talk to you later. Keep everything running smoothly, bud. Bye.” I hung up the phone and got up to open the door. “Hello, beautiful,” I said with a smile on my face.

“I missed you,” Taylor said. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled herself tight against me. The feeling of Taylor’s body against my own was a welcome relief from the boring tasks I had engaged in for the last three hours, and I felt my cock rapidly coming to life. Taylor was wearing a tight sweater which accentuated the slight bumps of her A-cup breasts, and she was wearing her favorite tight white jeans which accentuated her best feature – her ass. I had never seen such a tiny girl have what many would call a badonkadonk. But Taylor had a badonkadonk. I closed the door and lowered the blinds so we would have privacy.

“I missed you, too,” I said. I slid my hands down her back until my hands were resting on the pillow twin mounds of her voluptuous ass. I squeezed each cheek lovingly. I brought my head down to her left ear. “You have such a sexy ass,” I whispered into her ear as I slid my hands all over her ass, reaching down to squeeze her juicy asscheeks. Then I slid a hand down lower and began rubbing her cunt through her tight jeans.

“Ahh, ahh, ahh,” Taylor moaned as I began fondling her sex. I could feel the warmth and wetness already building up. Then I picked her up in my arms and wrapped my arms around her waist. I gazed into her perfect, flawless face. Her green eyes were beautiful. Her smile was sexy and radiant. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck, and our faces were slowly drawn to each other until finally our lips met. We exchanged sweet, tender kisses for well over a minute. “I love you,” I whispered into her mouth.

“I love you, too,” replied Taylor. “Even if you are old enough to be my father, I still love you.” Then she began gently chewing on my bottom lip.

“Ohhh baby,” I moaned into her mouth. My cock shot to full hardness as I felt my seventeen-year-old lover gently sucking on my lip. The last time I had such a young girlfriend was back in high school. I pinned Taylor’s back against the wall, and I began kissing her hard. It had been two weeks since the first time we first fucked. I needed to fuck her soon, but I couldn’t risk engaging in sex with one of my students in my own office, knowing that back in 1995, an English professor at the University of North Carolina lost his job for fucking one his students – whom he later married – right on top of his desk in his office. “Wanna go out for dinner and go back to the hotel,” I asked Taylor.

“Oh yes,” said Taylor in an excited way. “I want to spend the night with you. I’ll call Mom and tell her I’m gonna spend the night at Maddy’s.” Maddy was Taylor’s best friend. She wasn’t in any of my classes, but I’ve seen her and Taylor together. Taylor dialed her cellphone. “Hey Mom, it’s me. Yeah I’m gonna spend the night at Maddy’s dorm. Okay I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”

To keep our relationship away from prying eyes (especially Taylor’s aunt Mindy), I decided that we would go have dinner about twenty miles from Kansas City. We found a nice Chinese restaurant which was very popular amongst the vegan crowd. As with me, Taylor was a vegan. We ordered miso soup and vegan tofu stir-fry. Over the course of two hours, we enjoyed our dinner as well as pleasant conversation. Taylor was very mature for a seventeen year old girl. We talked about current events, politics, business, and many other subjects which I’m surprised she was well-versed in.

After dinner was over, we decided to go to my hotel. As soon as we entered my suite, I lifted her in my arms, and she wrapped her arms around my neck, and she wrapped her legs around my waist, and we began kissing hard, fast, and deep. With Taylor wrapped around me, I walked her to the bedroom and gently laid her down on the bed. I broke the kiss and kissed the length of her jaw until my lips were resting against her ear. “I want to make love to you all night long, baby,” I whispered into her ear. My left hand snaked down until I found the juncture of her thighs, and I began rubbing her cunt through her tight white jeans.

“Ahh, ahh, ahh,” Taylor moaned. Her hips began bucking and gyrating against my hand as her sexually-overcharged body was becoming aroused at an extremely rapid rate. Taylor could go from zero to orgasm in just a matter of seconds. She rose up long enough to remove her tight sweater. Then she slipped her lacy black bra off, exposing her small breasts. I was captivated by her breasts. They were small, but her pencil eraser-sized erect nipples made them oh so inviting. My right hand went straight for her left nipple. “AAAH!” Taylor cried out sharply as I began deliberately teasing her swollen nub. Her gyrations against my hand became more frantic and more urgent as she rapidly approached her orgasm. Then I seized the stiff nipple between index finger and thumb and gave it a slight pinch and pull. “AAAH! AAAH! AAAH! AAAAAAAIIIIEEEEEEEE!” Taylor shrieked and trembled violently as her body was seized by an intense orgasm. I felt warmth and wetness spread against the palm of my hand.

But before Taylor could come down from her orgasm, I switched hands. My right hand began rubbing against the crotch of her tight jeans, and my left hand seized her erect left nipple and began pulling it and tugging it. And before she knew it, she was flying towards a second climax. “Ah! Ah! Ah! AH! AH! AHH! AHH! AAAAHHHIIIEEEEE!” Her orgasm was interrupted by a stronger, more ferocious climax which caused tears to spill from the corners of her eyes. “AAAIII! AAAIII! AAAIII!” Taylor repeatedly cried out as each spasm tore through her.

Finally, I let her orgasm taper off. She slowly relaxed as the tension drained out of her body. After she became relaxed, I unsnapped the button of her tight white jeans and slowly pulled them down along with her panties. I admired my girlfriend’s nude form. Her shaved cunt was flushed with arousal and soaked with her secretions. Her erect clitoris stood up dark, wet, and proud. I was going to let her rest. “I want to suck your cock,” she suddenly said.

A wicked thrill rushed through me. I quickly stripped out of my clothes. Taylor’s eyes widened, and she licked her lips as my wet ten-inch erection was before her eyes. “Only if I get to lick you,” I said.

“Deal,” she replied. I reached in my bag and pulled out the same shampoo bottle I had used on her two weeks ago. I teased her clitoris and her vaginal entrance with the blunt tip, wetting the shampoo bottle with her natural lubrication. And then with my left hand, I shoved it in. “EEE!” Taylor shrieked as she felt the makeshift dildo penetrate her steaming cunt to stimulate her hot insides.

“AHH!” Suddenly I felt her hands wrap around my erect cock. She began a slow jacking motion. It felt fucking incredible. Then I felt something warm and wet against my tip. “Ah FUCK!” I shouted as I felt her tongue flicking out against my piss slit, lapping up the pre-cum which was freely leaking from the tip. And then I felt hot, wet warmth engulf my glans. “Oh God,” I moaned as my penis was being slowly absored into the warm, wet confines of her mouth. She began rapidly plunging her mouth up and down on my cock, and her hands jacked me in return. I felt my nuts tighten as I was rapidly approaching my own release.

I couldn’t take it any more. I began pistoning the shampoo bottle in and out of her pussy faster and faster. I fastened my mouth on her engorged clitoris. I was deliberately teasing her most sensitive part with my tongue. I began giving it playful nips with my teeth. My right hand slid up and began roughly pinching her erect right nipple. “OooOOOOoooOOOOOUUMMMPPPHHHHH!” Taylor shouted around my cock as the stimulation of her nipple and clitoris brought her to yet another orgasm. Her juices flowed out around the shampoo bottle. And then I felt my cock surge all the way into her throat.

The knowledge of being deep-throated by her hot wet mouth, and the taste of her juices was too much. I felt my cock rapidly expand in her mouth, and without warning, I shot. Shot after shot of semen shot out forcefully. Every muscle in my body contracted violently as two weeks of pent-up desire for my girlfriend was released in orgasmic ecstacy. Taylor’s throat spasmed around my cock and milked me as she greedily swallowed my spunk until not a drop remained.

We collapsed on the bed in a heap. I pulled the shampoo bottle out of her wet snatch, and she crawled back up to me and rested her head on my shoulder. I placed the shampoo bottle on the nightstand, and I embraced her in my arms as we cuddled in the afterglow of our orgasms. I ran my fingers lovingly up and down her sweaty back until I finally reached her juicy bubble butt. God, her ass felt amazing. I gently kneaded each delicious cheek with my hands.

“That feel so good,” Taylor sighed. My finger slid down the length of her crack until it finally found her anus. Taylor’s breath caught in her throat as my fingertip deliberately teased her hot, twitching sphincter. Taylor whined disapprovingly as I removed my finger, but then I plunged my index finger and middle finger into her plundered cunt to coat my fingers with her juices. “AHH!” Taylor cried out as my fingers stimulated her hypersensitive genitals. Then I removed my fingers from her cunt. And before I could Taylor a chance to whine in disappointment, my index finger began teasing her anus. “Ah! Ah! AHHH!” Taylor’s moans turned into a cry of pleasure-infused agony as her sphincted yielded and my finger surged into her rectum.

“AH! AH! AH!” Taylor moaned explosively as I began pistoning my finger in and out of her ass, coating her rectal walls with her juices. I brought my lips to her left breast and deliberately attacked her erect nipple with my tongue. “AAAHHH! AAAHHH! AAAHHH!” I began finger-fucking her ass faster and faster. I could sense that she was close to another climax. Then I pulled my finger out. “No, put it back in,” Taylor begged.

“Okay, you asked for it,” I said. Then I brought both my index finger and my middle finger to her slightly gaping asshole and shoved them in to the hilt.

“AAAHHHHH!” Taylor cried out harshly as I began stretching her rectal walls in preparation for her shampoo bottle. I redoubled my oral assault of her nipple. I was kissing it, licking it, sucking it. And when my teeth seized the erect nub and gently bit down, Taylor reached the point of no return. “AAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Taylor’s moans rose to a shriek as her sexually-overcharged body reached yet another climax. I could feel her heart fluttering in her chest, and I could feel her rectum clamp down hard on my invading digits.

After Taylor came down from her orgasm, my fingers slipped out. My cock had come back to life, and it was rock hard. I needed to fuck her soon. I began sliding the entire length of my erection against her steaming slit. “AH! AH! AH!” She began lightly bucking her hips, relishing the feeling of my cock rubbing against her throbbing clitoris. Suddenly, Taylor began hunching her bald cunt against my penis, increasing the friction against our genitals. Her moans rose in volume and pitch until her oversexed body finally reached another peak. “Aah! Aah! AAH! AAH! AAAAH! AAAAH! AAAAAAH! AAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAIIIEEEEEEE!” Taylor cried our hoarsely as another orgasm tore through her body.

My penis was aching with desire for her tight cunt. I couldn’t wait a moment longer. I didn’t give her time to come down from her sexual high as I wedged the crown of my cock against her hot, twitching entrance, and without warning, I shoved myself in. “AAAAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Taylor squinted her eyes shut as her orgasm was suddenly interrupted by a much stronger orgasm. I began fucking her hard, deep, and fast. “AAH! AAH! AAH!” Taylor moaned exlosively as my glans repeatedly butted against her cervix. I swear I could have felt her inner entrance prepare to surrender itself so I could surge all the way into her uterus.

For roughly ten minutes, I pounded into Taylor’s cunt harder and faster than I had ever fucked a woman before. Over the course of ten minutes, Taylor reached six agonizing peaks until I could sense that she was becoming too overwhelmed with pleasure. Reluctantly, I pulled completely out of her cunt. I brought my head to hers, and we kissed with a burning passion. Then she brought her lips to my ear. “Please fuck my ass,” she whispered. And without giving me a chance to protest, Taylor rolled over so that her sexy bubble butt was poking up.

My heart was pounding. The first time I had met Taylor, I was spellbinded by her badonkadonk, and I had momentary vision of sinking my cock deep into her rectum. And two weeks later, my girlfriend was offering her ass so I could plunder it at will. Now what kind of boyfriend would I be to deny my girlfriend some hardcore anal sex?

My cock was still coated with her feminine secretions, and her anus was still slightly gaping from being fingerbanged earlier. I knew anal sex could be quite painful, so I wanted to make it as enjoyable and pleasurable as possible for her. I reached into the nightstand and pulled out an ampoule of amyl nitrate. I first learned of the recreational drug in a story somebody sent to me and how it enhances and prolongs orgasms. I wedged the crown of my cock against her sphincter. I grabbed the shampoo bottle and put it in her hand. “Fuck yourself with this, baby.” I helped Taylor guide the shampoo bottle to her vaginal entrance, and as I helped her slide the makeshift dildo into her cunt, I shoved my cock into her ass.

“AAAARRRGHHHHIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Taylor screamed as the double penetration – the burning pain of anal stimulation and the burning pleasure of vaginal stimulation – gave rise to yet another orgasm. This was one of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever felt a woman have. Her tight ass clamped down repeatedly, and it took all my might to keep from cumming on the spot. After she came down from her sexual peak, I began pounding her ass. I alternated between short strokes and long strokes and between gentle strokes to hard strokes.

I felt a major orgasm brewing in my testicles. I was rapidly reaching the point of no return. I crushed the popper in my hand, and the cloth instantly became saturated with amyl nitrate. I thrusted the popper under Taylor’s nose. “Breathe deep, baby,” I said as I pounded her ass faster and faster.

I could feel her inhaling deeply, taking the fumes into her lungs. The effect was immediate. Sweat broke out all over her body. She began fucking herself harder and faster with the shampoo bottle. She felt burning hot prickles all over her body. Her erect clitoris, already hot and throbbing, flared like a torch against the invading shampoo bottle. And her over-sensitive nipples burned hotter than ever before.

My right arm grabbed her around her hips and met her hand, and we fucked the shampoo bottle in and out of her cunt as I redoubled my efforts to fuck her ass. Meanwhile, my left arm reached for her erect left nipple. “AAAAAAAAAH!” Taylor screamed as my fingers made contact with the super-sensitive nub which was more sensitive than ever before. Then I decided it was time. I seized her stiff nipple between thumb and index finger, and I pinched it hard.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEE!” Taylor screamed as the combined stimulation of anal stimulation, vaginal stimulation, clitoral stimulation, and nipple stimulation exploded in the most powerful orgasm of Taylor’s life. Her body trembled violently as spasm after spasm tore through her. I could feel a torrential flood of hot liquid flow out heavily around the shampoo bottle.

Her ass clamped down hard on my cock, and the entire situation was finally too much for me. I shoved myself in to the hilt one last time, and I exploded. “AAAARRGH!” I howled as seven massive shots of semen spurted out and spattered against her rectal walls. A pearly froth of brown-tinted santorum squelched out around her distended anus, coating and matting my pubes. Even as my orgasm tailed off, Taylor’s continued until it tapered off a couple minutes later.

We collapsed on the bed with Taylor laying on top of me. Her spasming body still twitched in the afterglow or orgasm. After our bodies finally calmed and our breathing and heart rates got back to normal, I pulled out of her ass. We cuddled in bed and listened to the faint sounds of a woman in the next suite. It sounded like she was getting reamed pretty good. We lightly kissed until finally our exhausted bodies fell asleep. Before I fell asleep, I noticed the clock. It was 12:07 AM.

I finally awoke, and noticed the clock said it was 7:45 AM. I got out of bed and made my way for the bathroom. I had a piss hard-on, and after I expelled what felt like a gallon or urine, it started to deflate. I looked down. My penis and my pubes were fouled with dried santorum. I got a washcloth, soaked it in warm water from the bathroom sink, and washed myself until the mess was gone. I went back to the bedroom and noticed Taylor was awake and watching some TV.

An hour later, we got ready to take her back to the college. We had another class today. After we got dressed, we exited my hotel room. “Go ahead and go to the car, and I’ll meet you there.” Taylor took the keys and rode the elevator down. I locked the door to my suite, and then I saw the door to the next suite open up, and out of the door came Taylor’s aunt Mindy.


Christmas break was rapidly approaching. That means after my last class for the calendar year, there would be no classes until a few days after New Year’s Day. After that, I still had three months left in my tenure at KCU, and after my tenure was up, I would have to leave all this behind and go back to being a billionaire businessman.

Of course there was one thing that I would find very hard to leave behind: Taylor. Her eighteenth birthday was tomorrow, and I had no idea how we’d celebrate it together. I wanted to do something special for her because I loved her. I’ve had relationships with women before, but I’ve never felt so strongly for somebody as much as I feel for Taylor. We’ve been together for three months, and these three months have been the best three months of my life.

But I had no idea how we’d celebrate together. Considering that the college was on Christmas break, it would seem too weird to casual observers to see a 17-year-old college student hanging out with her teacher who was 20 years older than her. It would just raise suspicions with many people including the faculty members, Taylor’s classmates, and Taylor’s family…especially her aunt Mindy.

Speaking of Mindy, Taylor and I had spent the night together making love all night long while we heard a woman in the next suite crying out in orgasmic ecstasy as she got fucked pretty good. The next morning, Taylor and I had gotten ready to take her home, and while Taylor had gone to the car, I saw Mindy exit the adjacent suite. Her hair was a wild jungle, and she walked slightly bow-legged. And when she turned around and saw me, I greeted her with a sly grin. “Why hello there, Mindy,” I said.

“Wha – wha – “ she stammered out. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m renting this suite for the duration of my tenure at KCU,” I said. “But why are you – a woman with a husband and a young child – doing here? Let me guess. Your hubby hasn’t been satisfying you lately, so you decided to get some from some young buck who can keep it up for much longer.” Mindy blushed furiously.

“Not exactly,” Mindy said. “It’s hard to explain, and I don’t have a lot of time. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for work.” She walked away, but after a few steps, she turned around. “By the way, I could hear you and your girlfriend through the walls.” I felt a cold shudder. I feared that Mindy would find out about my relationship with Taylor. I knew that if she found out, she would ruin my life by accusing me of statutory rape, and I knew that the college would investigate as well. The college had a strict policy concerning relationships between students and faculty members: Faculty members found to have inappropriate relationships with students would be fired, and students found to have inappropriate relationships with faculty members could be accused of academic dishonesty which was punishable by up to and including expulsion. I didn’t want to ruin Taylor’s academic career.

“Well, we’re all consenting adults, right,” I asked Mindy.

“I guess,” she said. “I just want to say this, Sean-Paul. I feel uncomfortable seeing you and Taylor hang around together so much. I’m very protective of her because my cousin sexually abused her when she was about nine years old. But then again, I admire you because you take a great interest in her work. Do you really think she’ll be a success in the computer industry?”

“I don’t think she will be a success,” I said. “I know she will be a success.”

Mindy smiled. “Thank you,” she said. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get to work. Please don’t let Taylor or Terri know about me being here.”

“I won’t,” I said. “I promise.” Mindy smiled and walked away. I headed down the stairs and joined Taylor, and I drove us to the college.

Today was the last day of college before Christmas break. We had final exams today. After class was over, I had to go to my office and grade the exams. Three students failed their final exams, but they were lazy students who paid no attention, did no homework, and put in no effort at all. Most of the class passed with a B+, and three students – including Taylor – got an A+.

While in my office, I got a call from Steven. He informed me that the company’s Christmas party was in a few days, and everybody wanted me to attend. I kind of missed Manhattan, so I told him that I would be there. He also told me I could bring Taylor along. But I don’t think Taylor’s mom – much less her aunt – would approve of her going to New York with her temporary professor.

Then Taylor came in and closed the door. She was accompanied by a redheaded girl who was much taller. “Hi, sweetie,” Taylor said. She walked over to me and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. I was taken aback by the public display of affection in front of her best friend. “It’s okay, Maddy knows we’re seeing each other. She promised to keep quiet.”

“Okay,” I said. “I’m going to New York for Christmas break. I’m going to the company’s Christmas party. I wish I could ask you to come with me, but I don’t think your family would be okay with it.”

“You can be our chaperone,” Taylor said.

“What?” I inquired.

“Well,” Taylor continued, “Maddy’s going to spend Christmas break with her grandparents in Brooklyn. She invited me to come with her, so why don’t we just all travel together?”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I said.

The next day, we flew from Kansas City and arrived at La Guardia. I was met by Steven and a pretty woman of Hispanic descent. “Sean-Paul,” said Steven, “this is Sarita Felipe. She just graduated from college in Mexico and is our new director of Latin affairs.

“Pleased to meet you,” I said.

“Gracias, senor,” she said.

“Anyway, Sean-Paul, our Christmas party is tomorrow in the board room. We’ll see you tomorrow,” Steven said. He and Sarita made their way to a taxi and rode off. I hailed a taxi. I had the driver take us to Brooklyn so we could drop Maddy off at her grandparents’ house. I recognized the house. It was the house I grew up next to. I recalled dating their daughter when I was a freshman in high school. We even had sex a few times. After we dropped Maddy off, I had the driver drive us to my apartment building.

We rode the elevator to the top floor and walked to my front door. I opened my door, and Taylor was astonished by my apartment. Upon entering my apartment, you were greeted with a spiral staircase which led down to the main area of my apartment. The main area was very spacious with a large living room which was bigger than your typical middle-class suburbia home. My kitchen and dining area was against the windows which offered a breatktaking view of Manhattan, Liberty Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and even New Jersey. “I think I want to marry you and live here,” Taylor said.

I chuckled. “We’ve been travelling for many hours,” I said. “How about we relax?”

“Okay,” she said. We retired to the living room. I got up and walked to the bar and fixed a glass of brandy – bottled in 1783 – on the rocks. The ice-cold hard liquor tasted wonderful. I asked Taylor if she wanted a sip, and she said okay. She took a tenuous sip, and she actually enjoyed the drink. I got up and fixed another glass of ice, and we had a few drinks of brandy. We sat like that until day became night and the apartment became illuminated by city lights and moonlight.

I turned on the TV, and we snuggled on the sofa. Taylor rested her head on my shoulder, and I gently rubbed her back with my fingertips. I felt her hand on my thigh. She was rubbing my thigh up and down with her hand, and her upstroke inched closer and closer to my crotch. My free hand reached for her face and gently caressed her cheek. She raised her head up, and our faces came in closer until our lips met.

Taylor moaned into my mouth as I slid my tongue past her lips to slide it playfully against her own tongue. The feeling was exquisite. Now it was my turn to moan as Taylor slid her tongue into my mouth. Then she broke the kiss and kissed her way up my jawline until her lips rested against my ear. “I love you, Sean-Paul.”

“I love you, too, Taylor,” I replied. I couldn’t help it. This soon-to-be-eighteen-year-old girl owned and captured my heart. She was everything that I’ve ever wanted in a woman. And it was so frustrating to keep our relationship private in order to protect our own lives. In a perfect world, we would be able to let the whole fucking world know that we were in love and wanted to be together for all eternity. Sadly, we do not live in a perfect world.

“I want to marry you someday, baby,” she said. “I want to be your wife and have your children.” My heart warmed at her tender expression of true love. “I want to live with you, live for you, and when the time comes, die for you and die with you.”

“I need you right now, darling,” I said. We got up and held hands as I led her to the bedroom. I found some unused candles and lit them and placed them all around the bedroom. I closed the bedroom door, and I picked Taylor up in my arms. I pinned her against the bedroom door, and then she threw her arms and legs around me as we kissed hard, deep, and fast. My cock felt huge and swollen as it throbbed in my slacks. I could feel the pre-cum oozing out around the head. I broke the kiss and whispered into her ear. “I, Sean-Paul DeCraig, take you, Taylor Lynne O’Hare to be my lawfully-wedded wife.” I nibbled on her earlobe and began grinding my bulge against her crotch.

“Ahhh-HAH!” Taylor moaned explosively. “I, Taylor Lynne Oh!-Oh!-Oh!-O’Hare, take you Sean-Pa-AH-ul DeCraig, to beEEE my lawfully wedded husband-AH! AH! AH!” Taylor cried out as the friction of our cloth-covered genitals was driving her closer to an orgasm. Suddenly Taylor drew her arms up. I knew what she wanted. I quickly removed her tight sweater and unsnapped her pink bra until her ultra-sensitive breasts were exposed. My left hand went straight for her right breast. “YEEESSSS!” Taylor shrieked as I began teasing her swollen nipple. She began grinding her denim-covered cunt against the bulge in my pants faster and faster until her sexually-overcharged body could take no more. “AAAAAIIIIEEEEEEEE! EEE! EEE! EEE!” Taylor cried out repeatedly as her body was seized by a powerful orgasm. She trembled violently as spasms tore through her body.

But I wasn’t done. I laid my girlfriend on the bed and redoubled my digital assault on the aching nub. My mouth dove on her right breast, and I began sucking for all it was worth. “YES! YES! YES!” Taylor shouted repeatedly as my tongue lashed out against the sensitive pointed tip. I began sucking harder on her right breast, and I stroked her left nipple harder and harder until the good feelings reached another crescendo. “AHHH! AHHH! AHHHHHEEEEEEE!” Taylor squinted her eyes shut, threw her head back, and arched her spine as another orgasm took control and seized her mind, body, and spirit.

I unsnapped her tight skinny jeans and pulled them down along with her thong panties until her naked cunt was exposed. The moonlight and candlelight made her soaking wet cunt glisten with her feminine secretions. Her vulva looked so fucking inviting. I loved the taste of her juices. I always craved the taste of her juices. I could eat her for hours and hours and never grow tired of the sweet, heavenly taste and aroma. I slid two fingers into her slit. “AHH!” Taylor moaned as I penetrated her cunt and stimulated her hot insides. I tortured her G-spot , and then I pulled my fingers out. I spread her juicy asscheeks apart and searched for her anus with my glistening fingers. I heard her breath catch in her throat as my fingers found their target.

And then I slid my fingers in to the hilt. “ARRRRGHHIEEEE!” Taylor cried out hoarsely as the unexepected anal penetration gave rise to yet another orgasm. I began rapidly pumping my fingers in and out of her back passage, lubricating her anus and rectum so I could shove my cock deep into her nether region.

After I felt that her anal sphincter was stretched out enough to make anal entry easier, I pulled my fingers out. I quickly stripped out of my clothes. My wet, sticky erection was huge and swollen and ached to be inside my girlfriend. “Then by the power vested in me, I declare us husband and wife,” I said, and then I shoved myself in.

“YIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!” Taylor screamed as my cock filling her bowels brought her to yet another tremendous release of pure sexual energy. I began pounding her ass as a feverish pace. I could feel my nuts tighten as my orgasm rapidly approached. But I wanted to be inside her cunt when I shot my load. I wanted to marry this girl. I wanted to have children with her. I wanted to get this girl pregnant so we could share a sacred bond for all eternity. I pulled out of her ass, wiped my cock clean of fecal matter, and placed the head of my cock against her womanly entrance. I shoved myself in with one plunge. “OOOOWWWWEEEEEEEE!” Taylor cried out as another orgasm crested over her.

I maneuvered ourselves so that I was laying on my back. This was our favorite sex position. Taylor could freely ride my cock while I play with her ultra-sensitive nipples. Taylor began bouncing herself wildly on my cock as I began roughly manipulating her aching nipples with my fingers. “AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH!” Taylor cried out as she was riding the wave to the seventh orgasm of the night. My nuts were tightening as my orgasm inched closer and closer. Taylor fucked herself harder and harder on my cock. I could feel the head butting repeatedly against her cervix, the inner entrance to her uterus where I hoped someday that our child would grow inside. Suddenly, I felt a new tightness slide past the head of my cock. I felt her cervix surrender itself to my invading erection. I was inside her uterus! I was inside her womb!

The sudden penetration of her cervix was way too much for Taylor’s sexually-overcharged body to take. “AAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Taylor screamed out horasely as the most powerful orgasm of her life erupted like a volcano. Her vagina spasmed around the root of my cock, and her cervix clamped down hard on the upper part of my shaft including the head. Her juices shot out forcefully around our joining, drenching us in her girl-cum.

The sudden tightness of her cervix was too much for me. “AH! AH! AAAAARGHHHH!” I howled as the biggest orgasm of my life overtook me. My vision went grey, and I saw bright colorful lights as my entire body was engulfed. Shot after shot of cum spurted directly inside her uterus, painting her womb with my spunk. Deep down inside, I hoped that she was ovulating so I could get my future wife pregnant.

We collapsed on the bed, We were both sweating profusely and gulping for air. My heart was hammering in my chest, and I could feel Taylor’s heart fluttering against my own. I rubbed her sweaty back all over, gently caressing her naked skin. We stayed like that until my cock finally deflated and slipped out of her snatch. Since most of my cum was shot into her uterus, not much leaked out of her slit.

We retired into a cuddle. Taylor rested her head on my chest. I inhaled the musky scent of her sweat-drenched hair. It was intoxicating. I lightly kissed the top of her head. “Oh fuck, Sean-Paul,” Taylor gasped out as she fought to regain control of her breathing. “That was the most amazing experience of my life. Please tell me it will be like this forever.”

“It will, baby,” I said. “And I’ll make sure of it.” I reached over to the nightstand and retrieved a box. “I want you top open this.” Taylor opened the box. She was greeted by a diamond ring. Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized what was about to happen. “As far as I’m concerned, we’re already married. But I want to make it official. Taylor Lynne O’Hare, will you marry me?”

Tears spilled from the corners of Taylor’s eyes as feelings of true love washed over her. “Yes, Sean-Paul,” she sobbed out. “Oh yes I’ll marry you!” We shared a tender, loving kiss as I slipped the diamond engagement ring over my fiancee’s ring finger.

I looked at the clock. It was now 12:05 AM. My fiancee was now eighteen years old. “Happy birthday, darling,” I said. We shared a gentle kiss. I wrapped my arms around my fiancee and held her tenderly as sleep was beginning to overtake us. “I hope you’re ovulating,” I said.

“I am,” she said.


It was about 7:00 AM when I finally awoke from my slumber. I opened my eyes and absorbed myself in my surroundings. I was in my bedroom in my apartment. The morning sunlight was beginning to come through my window, giving me a perfect view of downtown Manhattan all the way down to where the World Trade Center formerly stood. I looked around my bedroom. The candles had long since burned out. And then I rolled over and saw a vision of loveliness. Taylor was rolled over on her side sound asleep. The covers had rolled down enough to give me a perfect view of her naked back. Her long blonde hair flowed like honey over her bare shoulders. I stared at her as she inhaled and exhaled softly in her sleep.

I scooted closer to her sleeping form and wrapped my arms around her. We had spent the last three weeks living in my apartment. We were pretty much living together as live-in lovers. My neighbors actually thought that Taylor and I were married. I inhaled the slightly musky scent of her hair. I slowly slid my fingers down the length of her thin arms, relishing the erotic sensation of her silky smooth skin until I reached her hands. I took her hands into my own, interlocking our fingers together. I felt her engagement ring against my fingers; she wore it even when she was asleep. I began planting delicate kisses against the back of her neck.

Suddenly, I felt Taylor stirring against me. I let go of her hands, and she rolled over to face me. She rested her head on my shoulder, and the feeling of her warm breath against my neck felt amazing. My penis, which had to be exhausted from last night’s lovemaking, began to grow and stiffen as I felt desire for my fiancee wash over me once again as it has many times before. I looked down at her face and noticed her eyes were open. Her green eyes melted my heart. And then I saw her smile.

I gently caressed her left cheek with my fingers. Then she took my hand in her hands and pulled my fingers to her mouth. I felt her sweet lips kissing my index finger. Then she pulled her head up to mine. Our faces drew closer together until our lips finally met. My cock was throbbing as I was overcome with the urge to once again sink myself into her tight vagina and shove myself all the way inside to her uterus where I knew that our children would grow inside. And then I looked at the clock. It was 8:32 AM.

“Oh shit, we better get ready,” I said. We had to pick up Maddy in Brooklyn and be ready for our flight back to Kansas City which was due to depart from La Guardia at 11:45 AM. Reluctantly, we got out of bed and put our clothes back on. I looked at Taylor and noticed she looked more radiant than ever before. “You look so beautiful, Tay,” I said.

She smiled at me. “Thank you, sweetie,” she replied. “It’s because you make me feel beautiful.” Suddenly, she clutched at her stomach. “Oh I have to go to the bathroom. I feel like I’m going to throw up.” She got up and went to the bathroom. I could hear the faint sounds of retching and splattering coming from the loo. This has been going on for the last several days. Then she came out.

“Feel better, sweetie?” I asked.

“Much better,” she said. We shared a gentle kiss and left my apartment. I hailed a taxi to go to Brooklyn to pick up Maddy, and then we went to La Guardia and flew to Kansas City.

Upon arriving at Kansas City, I got my rental car and drove Maddy to her home. She lived a few blocks away from Taylor. After we dropped Maddy off, I drove Taylor to her home, but it looked like nobody was home. I asked Taylor if she had any keys. “I never carry any keys, silly,” she said. “So how are we gonna kill time?”

“This car has tinted windows, baby,” I said. Taylor smiled seductively at me. We hurriedly got in the back seat, locked the doors, and rolled up the tinted windows. As soon as we got in the back seat, we kissed hard, fast, and deep. Taylor straddled my lap. I slid my hands up and down the length of her bare legs. Her skin felt so soft and so warm. Her miniskirt had ridden up to reveal the white cotton of her panties. She fumbled with the zipper of my slacks, and after she worked it down, she fished my fully-erect cock out of my pants. She pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, exposing her slit. Her juices were already flowing, lubricating her vaginal passage in preparation for my cock. And then she sank herself down on my waiting erection.

“AAAAIIIEEEEEE!” Taylor squinted her eyes shut, threw her head back, and cried out loud as she came instantly from the feeling of my cock surging into her vagina. I held my fiancee tenderly against me as her orgasm swept her away. Gradually her body calmed, and she looked at me with half-closed eyes. She smiled at me, and we began kissing lightly. Then she began to ride my cock like a pro. “AAIE! AAIE! AAIE!” Taylor moaned explosively as my invading cock repeatedly butted against the head of her cervix, threatening to once again to surge all the way inside her womb.

I snaked my hand down to our intimate joining in order to coat two fingers with her leaking juices. My other hand slid down her back, relishing the feel of her sexy badonkadonk. I pulled the back of her panties aside to expose her backdoor. After wetting my fingers with enough of her juices, I wormed my fingers around her until my fingers were pressing against the wrinkled star of her anus. “OOO!” Taylor squealed as my fingers began teasing her backdoor entrance. The car was beginning to reek of sweat and cunt juice. Her gyrations became more frantic as the dual stimulation threatened to send her over the edge again. I could feel the head of my cock pressing harder against her cervical hole. Without warning, I shoved my slick fingers inside her ass.

“OWWEEEE!” Taylor cried out as the burning pain of anal violation gave rise to another orgasm. As the orgasm slammed into her, she thrusted hard against me, and the extra thrust allowed my cock to surge past her cervix and all the way inside her uterus. “AAAAAAAAOOOOOOWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEE!” Taylor screamed as the internal penetration gave rise to a second consecutive orgasm, much more fierce and much more powerful than her previous release. Tears flowed freely from her eyes, and she sobbed out her rapturous cries of pleasure as her body trembled violently. The exquisite sensation of her vagina and cervix spasming around my cock was too much for me. I felt my nuts tighten and my cock expand as I spurted deep inside her womb.

After a long minute, we both came down from our sexual highs. Taylor fell against me, resting her head on my shoulder as she fought to regain control of her breathing and her heartrate. I pulled my fingers out her ass and ran my hands lovingly up and down her back. I couldn’t resist caressing her sexy ass. I began lightly kissing her jawline until my lips met her ear. I began gently nibbling on her earlobe. Then I looked toward the windshield and saw a car pull up. There were two women in the car. It was Terri and Mindy! “Oh shit, Tay,” I exclaimed. “Your mom and aunt just pulled up.”

“Oh fuck,” she said. We hurriedly disengaged. “Ow!” Taylor exclaimed as my cock pulled quickly out of her cervix and her cunt. I got an unused dress shirt to quickly wipe up our sweat as well as the cum and cunt juice that leaked from her slit. I quickly put my erection away and zipped up my pants. After we looked presentable, we exited the car. “Hi, Mom!” Taylor said as she saw her mom and aunt exit the car.

“It’s so good to see you, Taylor,” Terri said as mother and daughter hugged. “So how was New York?”

“It was awesome,” Taylor said. “I got to see the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and ever Rockefeller Center.” Then she saw her aunt Mindy walking toward her. Taylor walked to her and gave her a hug as well. “Hi, aunt Mindy.”

“Why are you walking funny?” Mindy asked.

Oh shit. This didn’t look too good. I knew that Mindy already suspected that something was going on between Taylor and I. Now I feared that her suspicions would be confirmed. I had to think of a plausible excuse. “I took Taylor horseback riding at the Blue Star horse sanctuary.” I prayed to God that Terri and Mindy would buy my story.

“You went horseback riding?” Terri asked Taylor. “Dear, I am so proud of you! You haven’t been horseback riding since you were a little girl.” Then Terri looked at me. “You have no idea how grateful I am for you. Taylor has been afraid of horses ever since she was thrown off one when she was nine. She was hurt pretty badly. She broke her leg. She had to spend such a long time in bed. And that’s when my cousin offered to take care of her.”

“Terri, I don’t think he wants to hear about your cousin,” Mindy said.

“It’s okay, aunt Mindy,” Taylor said. “He already knows about him.”

“Why would you tell him such a secret?” Mindy asked.

“Because we’re friends, that’s why,” Taylor said.

“Now now, let’s behave our here,” Terri said. She walked up to me and hugged me. “You have no idea how grateful I am for you making Taylor so happy. She’s been unhappy for far too long. It’s like you’ve brought her out of her depression.”

“You’re welcome,” I said.

“I have to go to the Hampton Inn,” Mindy said. “Sean-Paul, can you come with me so we can talk in private?” Mindy asked.

“Sure,” I said. When I saw Mindy walking to my car, I nearly panicked. I knew that if she opened the car door, she would be overcome with the smell of sex, and then my world would come crashing down. Her suspicions would be confirmed, and then my career – as well as my life – would be ruined forever. “It’s out of gas,” I immediately said.

“Oh,” Mindy said. “Okay, we can just go in my car.” We got in her car and went down the road. I felt uneasy sitting in a car with Mindy. “Horseback riding, eh? That’s a good one,” she said.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

Suddenly she pulled to the side of the road. “You’re just like her cousin,” she said. “He took advantage of her when she was at her weakest, and now you’re taking advantage of her when she’s at her weakest. Do you honestly think I believe that you took her horseback riding? So how long have you two been fucking?”

I felt a cold chill throughout my body. This wasn’t good. “Listen,” I said, “there’s nothing going on between us. We are friends. I am helping her with her studies so she can be successful in the computer industry. I think she would be a great worker for my company.”

“Oh bullshit!” Mindy exclaimed. “Don’t play me for a fool! I saw the way she was walking! You don’t walk like that from riding horses! You walk like that from riding cock! I bet there’s no such thing as a Blue Star horse sanctuary!”

“I just happen to be a part owner of that place, bitch!” I said out of anger. “Do you want to know what I do for a living? I run a successful billion dollar business! I am a vegan! I pride myself in bringing awareness to animal suffering! That place – which you claim doesn’t exist – adopts retired carriage horses from the NYPD and treats them with love and care! Don’t EVER say otherwise!”

“So why didn’t you want to take your car?” Mindy said.

“Because it’s out of gas,” I said. “God Damn you’re like those fucking conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones who makes up bullshit stories to fearmonger his idiot followers into sending him money! I saw that fat motherfucker at Ground Zero on the fifth anniversary of 9/11 spreading his whackjob 9/11 conspiracy theories on a day of mourning and remembrance! Do you know how much I wanted to punch that asshole in the face for denigrating the memory of a close friend of mine who was killed on that day?! For the last fucking time, there is NOTHING going on between Taylor and I! NOTHING! And if you don’t drop this bullshit, I’ll let your whole family know about you at the hotel the other night!”

“Fine,” Mindy calmly stated. “You want to know what was going on that night? Well, let’s go then.” We got back on the road and kept on going until we arrived at the Hampton Inn. “We’re going to my suite,” Mindy said. We rode the elevator to the top floor, and then we headed for her suite. Upon entering her suite, I noticed something laying on the bed. It was a flesh-colored strap-on dildo. “You’re cheating on your husband with another woman?” I asked.

“Bingo,” Mindy said. “Lanisha! I’m back!” Lanisha? I looked at the key card used to unlock the front door:

     ROOM 689 – LAPRAIX

“No way,” I thought to myself. Then I saw the door the bathroom open up, and out walked a gorgeous African-American beauty with exotic looks, dark curly hair, and the sexiest lips I’ve ever seen in my life. “Yes way,” I thought to myself. It was my ex-girlfriend Lanisha LaPraix. It had been six years since we last saw each other, and nearly as long since the last time we spoke to each other when she broke up with me over the phone. “Lanisha? Lanisha LaPraix?”

“Oh my God,” Lanisha said. She walked up to me. “Sean-Paul. Sean-Paul deCraig. AAH!” She ran to me and gripped me in a fierce hug. I heard her faintly crying. “You don’t know how happy I am to see you, darling. I’ve missed you.”

“I missed you, too,” I said. “What are you doing in Kansas City?”

“I just had to get away from New York for a while,” she said. “I’ve been so down ever since I lost Lawrence. Just being around the area brought back all the painful memories.

“I’m so sorry, sweetie,” I calmly said. “How did it happen?” She hesitated for a few moments. I knew I shouldn’t have asked. “I’m sorry. It’s none of my business.”

“No it’s okay,” she said. “Our marriage had fallen apart ever since I got hired to anchor the local evening news. He felt I should have been a housewife, but I got my master’s for a reason. I wanted to be a journalist. So I got wrapped up in my work, and we just drifted apart. And then it all came to a head when he shot himself.”

“Wow,” I said. “I’m sorry you had to go all through that. But why are you here in Kansas City? And why are you here with Mindy?”

“We’ve been having an affair for the last several months,” Mindy said. “It began long before you came here. Come, Lanisha. Let’s show Sean-Paul what we do. Sean-Paul, you can watch.” And with that, Mindy began taking off her clothes. For a woman of her age, she had a fantastic body. Unlike Taylor, she had full breasts with large areolae and large nipples. And as she slipped off her dress, I could tell where Taylor got her badonkadonk from. Mindy’s ass was magnificent. I couldn’t believe how firm yet so voluptuous it was. And then she slipped off her panties, and I was greeted with a shaven cunt. She plopped down on the bed and spread her legs, giving Lanisha and I a perfect view of her sex. “I’m ready for you, darling,” Mindy said.

“And I’m ready for you, too, my love,” Lanisha said. Lanisha picked up the strap-on and put it on. To the casual observer, it looked like Lanisha was sporting a magnificent nine-inch erection. She slid the shaft up and down the entire length of Mindy’s slit, gathering up the leaking juices. Then she placed the head of her fake penis at Mindy’s opening, and without warning, she shoved herself in.

“AAAAIIEEEEEEEEEEE!” Mindy howled as she instantly came from the sensation of nine inches of rubber cock filling her womanly entrance. Now I knew where Taylor inherited her sex drive from. Lanisha pounded Mindy’s cunt harder than I ever thought possible. Then Mindy grabbed a small vibrator and a bottle of mineral oil from the night stand. Mindy squirted a generous portion of the lube on the sex toy and brought it to her own anus. She moaned as she felt the butt plug slowly enter her rectum. And then she flicked a switch at the base. “OOOWWWEEEEEE!” Mindy howled as the anal stimulation gave rise to yet another orgasm. She squinted her eyes shut and arched her spine as her body trembled violently from the release of sexual energy.

This was the hottest thing I have ever personally laid my eyes on. My cock was aching with the need to bury it in something. Then I laid my eyes on Lanisha’s ass. Her badonkadonk was breathtaking. I unzipped my slacks and pulled my penis out. I grabbed the mineral oil from Mindy and squirted it wildly on my penis. I massaged the slippery gel in until my cock was glistening. I began jacking my cock furiously as I observed the hardcore lesbian sex. I fantasized about sinking my erection inside Taylor’s ass and fucking her into countless orgasms, and the fantasy was too much. I felt my nuts tighten, and then I boiled over. “AAAARGH!” I howled as my orgasm rocketed out of me. Shot after shot of pearly semen arched out, splattering on Lanisha’s back and into her hair and onto Mindy’s face.

Lanisha’s thrusts became harder and faster until finally she could take no more. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” She howled as her body was seized by a crippling climax. She shoved herself harder into Mindy, and the added sensation sent Mindy over the edge. “AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEE! EEEEEE! EEEEEE!” Mindy screamed repeatedly as spasm after spasm tore through her and caused her entire body to tremble violently.

I stumbled backwards into the sofa and plopped down. I was exhausted. Lanisha and Mindy collapsed on the bed and embraced each other. I looked at my watch. It was getting late. “Well I guess I’ll leave you two lovers alone for a while,” I said. “Mindy, I won’t say a word about this. I promise.”

“Thanks, Sean-Paul,” Mindy said. “I promise I won’t be so quick to judge you anymore.” And with that, I left the suite and went to mine.

As soon as I entered my suite, I sat down and reminisced about my past with Lanisha. Did I still have feelings for her? After all, I was heartbroken when she left me. I was deeply in love with her. But with Taylor, I found love again. I loved Taylor. I was deeply in love with Taylor. If I didn’t love her, I wouldn’t have asked her to marry me. I got my cellphone out and called Taylor. She picked it up after two rings. “Hello?” she asked.

“Hey baby,” I replied. “I miss you so much.”

“I miss you, too,” she replied. “I’m not feeling too well. Mom and I had dinner, and I just got done puking my guts out. She asked if I wanted to go see a doctor, and I told her no. I can’t go to the doctor. Then they’d find out about our relationship.”

“How would they find out?” I asked.

“After you and aunt Mindy left, Mom and I went to the store,” she continued, “while Mom was doing her shopping, I went to the family planning department and bought a pregnancy test. Well, I just got done testing myself.” There was a long pause. “Sean-Paul, I’m pregnant.”


I was sitting in my office. Having to deal with so much paperwork made me glad I didn’t make teaching a career choice. Back at my company, I had other people to help me with company paperwork. Here, I didn’t have that luxury. While going through the paperwork, I kept thinking about things which were going on in my life. I had met the woman of my dreams. I was engaged to the woman of my dreams. And most importantly, I was going to become a father.

When Taylor told me over the phone that she was pregnant with our child, I became misty-eyed. Before Taylor came into my life, I thought I had everything I needed in life: a successful career, wealth beyond imagination, a place to live, and the desire and passion to give to the world. Yet I had nobody to share that with. That is, until I met Taylor. I finally had the missing ingredient in my life.

I kept thinking about a conversation I had with Taylor the first night we spent together at my apartment in Manhattan. It was that night that Taylor told me she wanted to marry me, have our children, and share the rest of our lives together. Later that night, we made love in my bed, and after I had finished spurting my semen directly into her womb and impregnating her, I asked her to marry me, and she readily accepted.

Once we arrived back in Kansas City, I had taken her home, and when we realized nobody was home and she didn’t have her keys with her, we made a nearly foolish decision to engage in some quickie sex in the back seat of my car. We were nearly caught in the act by her mom and aunt. But her aunt Mindy knew what was going on when she saw her niece walk gingerly towards them. Mindy angrily confronted me in private over what she saw, and after I denied her allegations and threatened to expose her secret affair, she showed me who she was having an affair with: my ex-girlfriend Lanisha.

I had just finished my paperwork when I heard a knock at the door. I looked up at the window. It was Taylor’s friend Maddy. “Come in,” I said. Maddy opened the door, came in, and closed the door. “How’s Taylor?” I asked.

“She’s fine,” she replied. Taylor hadn’t been feeling well today, so she wasn’t able to be in class today. “Listen, I know that she’s pregnant.”

I felt a cold chill go up my spine. “She told you?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she replied. “But don’t worry. I know that if this comes out, both of you will get hurt. Besides, I have never seen Taylor so happy before. Before you came into her life, she was so depressed because her heart was broken.”

“I’d like to have five minutes with the jerk who broke her heart,” I said. “What’s his name?”

“It’s not a he,” she said. “It’s a she.”

“What?” I asked in a slightly surprised tone.

“Taylor’s bisexual,” she continued. “She’s been dating guys and girls for the last couple years. Until you came into her life, she had never been sexually involved with a guy. But she had been having sex with girls for a while. Her last relationship was with a girl named Angelica Cruz. Taylor and Angelica were having a relationship last year when they were in high school. But Angelica got accepted at the University of Florida, and a few weeks before you came here, Angelica called Taylor to let her know that she had fallen in love with another woman.”

“I had no idea,” I said.

“Well, now you know,” Maddy said. “I’m glad you came into Taylor’s life. You’ve made her forget about all the bad things that happened between her and Angelica.” Maddy walked up to me and hugged me tightly. Maddy’s skin felt so soft, and her gorgeous curly red hair framed her face, making her sultry looks oh so sexy. But even so, her beauty could not compare to Taylor’s. Maddy looked into my eyes. “You wouldn’t happen to have an identical twin brother who happens to be single, would you”? Maddy asked with a wink.

“I’m sorry,” I replied.

“Okay,” Maddy said. “I have to go. Please don’t tell her that I told you about Angelica. She’d never forgive me.” I nodded my head. “Oh thanks! Bye, Sean-Paul!” And with that, Maddy left my office. I sat back down and read the newspaper. I noticed the national headlines:


Reading the article about the Hastings case made me think of Lanisha. I hadn’t seen her in six years, and she was still as gorgeous and sexy as she was when I last saw her. I couldn’t stop thinking about last night when I saw her and Mindy having hardcore lesbian sex. I was seriously tempted to join in on the action and to sink my erection in Lanisha’s tight ass, but I didn’t want to cheat on my fiancee. Instead, I settled for a good old fashioned handjob. My cock was hardening from thinking about last night, and then I heard my cellphone ring. I looked at the caller ID. It was Mindy. Why would she be calling me? “Hello?”

“Hello, Sean-Paul. It’s Mindy. Can I see you?”

“Where at?” I replied.

“The hotel,” she said. “Where else? I’ll be waiting. Bye.” Then I heard the phone click. I wondered what she was up to. Did she want to make more accusations about Taylor and I? Or maybe she wanted me to see she and Lanisha get it on again. “This could be interesting,” I thought to myself. I left my office and drove for the hotel.

I headed for the sixth floor, and then I headed for Room 689. I knocked on the door. Then the door opened, and I greeted by Mindy. She was wearing a white terrycloth robe. “Come in,” she said. I followed her and couldn’t help but to stare at her badonkadonk as she walked in front of me.

“Where’s Lanisha?” I asked.

“She went back to New York,” she replied. “Apparently the cops want to question her about her husband’s death. It seems like when a man or woman dies these days, their husband or wife is automatically a suspect.”

“Yeah,” I said. “So why did you want to see me?”

“Because I want to know why Taylor loves your cock so much,” she said. I noticed that she was slurring her words. I looked around and noticed two empty bottles of brandy on the nightstand beside her bed. It was obvious that she was drunk. “I want to know what makes her feel good.”

“You’re drunk,” I said.

“I’m not drunk,” Mindy said. “I’m horny. I want a cock. I want your cock.” Then she untied her robe and slipped it off. I was left breathless. Mindy now stood before me completely naked. Her large, firm breasts stood out proud. Her nipples were pointed and flushed a deep brown. Her firm stomach betrayed the fact that she was a mother of a two year old. Then she turned around and allowed my eyes to feast on her badonkadonk. Then Mindy turned back around and looked into my eyes. “Do you like what you see?” she slurred out in a seductive manner.

“I can’t,” I said. “You’re a married woman. I can’t mess around with another man’s wife.”

“But you sure as hell can prey on and seduce a seventeen year old girl,” Mindy said. “There’s no way somebody walks like the way Taylor walked from riding a horse. I know she was riding you, big boy. I saw the flush in your faces. I know why you didn’t want me to ride in your car. You knew I’d smell the stench of a forty year old man and a seventeen year old girl fucking each other!”

“She’s eighteen, idiot,” I said angrily.

“You admitted it!” she exclaimed. “So you ARE fucking my niece! My idiot sister-in-law Terri is so fucking gullible! I would tell her that you’ve been fucking her own daughter, but knowing her she’ll turn it around and blame it on me! So prove it to me! Prove to me that you aren’t fucking my niece! Prove it by fucking me!”

“Why would I want to fuck you?” I said.

“What’s the matter?” Mindy said. “You don’t like my big tits? You got a think for small tits like Taylor’s? Are my nipples not sensitive enough for you? Do you get off from making Taylor cum just from rubbing her nipples? Want to know how Taylor got her first orgasm? Because I caught her cousin playing with her tits! He was touching her nipples, and then she had an orgasm in no time at all!

“Stop it,” I said.

“Want to know how Taylor started fucking herself with shampoo bottles?” Mindy continued. “Because while Danny was playing with her tits, he shoved a shampoo bottle up her cunt and fucked her with it! And then he shoved his cock up her ass and sodomized her! The only reason Taylor has sex with you is because she was raped by her cousin when she was nine!”

“ENOUGH!” I shouted. I pushed Mindy onto the bed and pinned her down. “Don’t you EVER talk about Taylor LIKE…THAT…AGAIN!” I placed my hands around Mindy’s throat. I was about to strangle her. “You want to get fucked, bitch?! You got it! I’ll fuck you!” I unzipped my pants and pulled out my erect cock. And without warning, I shoved myself up Mindy’s ass to the hilt.

“AAAARRRGHHHIEEEEEEEEE!” Suddenly Mindy let out a horrific shriek of pain-infused pleasure as the sudden anal violation gave rise to a monstrous orgasm. I stabbed into Mindy’s ass brutally. I angrily pounded into her rectum. My penis felt so huge and swollen. I lowered my head to Mindy’s and brought my lips to her right ear.

“Does…THIS…convince…YOU?!” My voice raised in volume as I sank myself deeper into her colon. “There…is…NOTHING…going…ON…between…ME…and…TAYLOR!” I dug into my pocket and pulled out a popper. I crushed it one-handed and thrust it under Mindy’s nose.

Mindy inhaled the fumes of the amyl nitrate. It was immediate. “AAAAH! AAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Mindy howled as the most powerful orgasm of her life completely destroyed her. Thick, pungent cream squirted forcefully from her slit and her body was seized by debilitating spasms of pure, raw sexual energy. The pleasure sensation was so unbearable that she passed out.

Knowing that she was passed out, I spoke into her ear. “Oh…I…LOVE…your…NIECE! I…LOVE…fucking…HER…tight…CUNT! I…love…fucking…HER…tight…ASS! I’m…gonna…MARRY…Taylor…and…have…CHILdren…with…HER! I’ve…ALREADY…gotten…her…PREGNANT!” My words were turning me on something fierce. I suddenly visualized that I was fucking Taylor, and the visualization sent me over the edge. “Oh…I…WANT…to…FUCK…TAYLOR…OH…OH…OHHHHAAARGH!!!!!” I howled as my orgasm rocketed out of me. My vision went grey, and I saw bright colorful flashes of light as my body contracted violently. Shot after shot of pearly jizz spurted deep inside Mindy’s rectum, splattering against her rectal walls. A pearly froth of santorum squelched out around her distended anus. I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

Two hours later, I woke up. Mindy was still asleep. I got up and went to the bathroom. I cleaned up and got ready to leave. When I exited the bathroom, I noticed Mindy had woken up. I looked at her. “Are you convinced that there’s nothing going on between me and Taylor?” I was hoping that she was too out of it to hear me confess my relationship with Taylor.

“Yeah,” she replied. “I’m sorry.”

“I have to go to my room. Bye.” I said, and I left her room and went to my room. I sat down, and then I heard my cellphone ring. I checked the caller ID. It was Taylor. “Hello?”

“Sean-Paul,” Taylor said. She sounded like she was in pain.

“Taylor, are you okay?” I asked.

“I don’t think so,” she replied. “I think something’s wrong with the baby.”

“Where are you?” I asked.

“I’m at Maddy’s,” she said. Then I heard her let out an ungodly cry of pain. “AAAAOOWWWWW!”

“I’m coming right now!” I said. I hung the phone up and rushed for Maddy’s dorm room. Upon arriving at Maddy’s dorm room, I asked Maddy where Taylor was.

“She’s in the bathroom” Maddy said. I rushed for the bathroom. Once I opened the bathroom door, I saw Taylor sitting on the toilet. She was sobbing hysterically. I bent down and embraced her in my arms. I rocked her and cradled her as I murmured nonsensical words of comfort into her ear. And then I looked down at the toilet, and my heart sank. She had suffered a miscarriage.


It’s been two months since my fiancee had the miscarriage. It seemed like our relationship had been falling apart since that event. We hadn’t had sex since then. We still let each other know that we loved each other, but I just got a feeling that Taylor’s feelings for me were changing into something alien.

Today, I hosted my last class at KCU. It was great yet so heartbreaking. I had formed friendships and companionships with my students. I had molded these students into future tech executives. I knew that some were qualified enough to work at my company. I would miss these students. But most of all, I would miss Taylor.

I looked at my watch. It was 12:05 PM. I had to catch a flight to New York at 5:20 PM. My belongings were already packed away at my hotel. I went to the dean’s office and signed forms which indicated that my tenure at KCU were officially over. After exchanging kind words and a handshake, I left KCU and headed for the airport. I got ready to check my luggage in, and then I turned around and saw Taylor.

“Leaving without saying goodbye?” Taylor asked. She had been depressed since the miscarriage.

I walked up to her and embraced her in my arms. “I could never say goodbye to you, baby,” I said. I bent down, and after making sure nobody was looking, we shared a tender kiss. “I love you, Taylor Lynne O’Hare, and I will always love you.” Then I heard Taylor sobbing into my chest. “What’s wrong, honey?”

Then she looked into my eyes. Her eyes were glassy with shedded tears. “I love you, too, Sean-Paul,” she said, “but I can’t marry you.” She slipped the engagement ring off her finger and handed it back to me. “At least not now. You’re going back to New York, and I’m stuck in Kansas City.”

“Tay,” I said, “I’d give up everything that I have just to be with you.”

“I know you would,” Taylor said, “but I don’t want you to give up your life just for me. Maybe one day I’ll end up in New York, and then we can get married and live our dreams together. But until then, this cannot be.” I looked into Taylor’s eyes. A river of tears were flowing freely from the corners of her eyes. “I will always love you, Sean-Paul deCraig. Always and forever.” Then she hugged me, and we shared a final kiss. Then she walked away.


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